Ida Tong graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors. Four years of consuming arts and culture in Florence, Italy from 1991 to 1995 planted a seed; she came back to Toronto and started to paint feverously. Since 2000, she has been running a private art studio, teaching drawing and painting to children and adults including those with Special Needs. Through these vital experiences, she has learned that human relationships are precious. Ultimately, she believes that everyone can draw and paint, no matter who they are. To make a difference, she uses art and pedagogy as communication tools to connect and help others.

After painting with oil and acrylic for more than twenty years, Ida is excited to explore other mediums such as painting in mixed media, creating work with photography, oil, acrylic, oil pastel, soil, sand, fabrics, glue, magazine pictures, feathers, and recycled materials. Occasionally, she appropriates magazine photos as part of her collage methodology; all of these strategies are ways of liberation – allowing for new latitudes and disrupting traditional boundaries. Furthermore, Ida is expanding her artistic ability to incorporate technology, such as making videos and digital arts – an boundless and infinitive art expression. Similar to artists, Hugo Ball and Joseph Beuys, Ida wants to create art that reflects social and political environment, at the same time; she trusts that art can also be fun and playful. Most of Ida’s current works depict images from everyday life and issues such as religion, greed, aggression, our relationship with indigenous peoples, and violence against children and women. Ida also believes that we are still living in a “post-colonial,” thus it makes sense to her that she needs to express and balance both ideology and practicality. Therefore, some of Ida’s work is meant to explore the notions of utopia, enhancing art as a powerful vehicle to visualize humans living together in peace and harmony.